Water Wall

Water fountains, Water wall, Wall fountains Vancouver, Surrey

Kalsi Aluminum have created more than 25 types of Water fountains, Water Walls and wall fountains. We custom design and fabricate what you want — any logo, laser cut lettering, installation, welding and metal fabrication. You get complete design and drawings, fabrication and installation.

For every Kalsi product, regardless of the size, we stress these 5 principles: Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction, Quality, Performance and Value Engineering. All fabricators employed by Kalsi Aluminum Walls are certified.

Water Walls from Kalsi are unique because we combine the art of free falling water, the latest metal fabrication technology with artful design. You get a water feature that cleans the air throughout the day then automatically drains and refills with Reverse Osmosis filtered water nightly. Our unique System allows customers full control over the water feature, including the water speed, sound, and water patterns as they cascade down the background. Safety sensors prevent flooding by automatically shutting down the feature and draining the water on some units.

Dramatically transform any room with the splendour and serenity of falling water – a living work of art for your home or office.

Create your own distinctive style with a commercial quality engineered Kalsi Waterfall and accent any space with the peaceful sounds of falling water.

Please see our gallery of water fountains, water walls and wall fountains to find the indoor waterfall that will be right for you!