Stair Railing

Railings for Stairs Vancouver, Surrey

Stair railing from Kalsi Aluminum is offered in many different styles and designs to suite your project.

Kalsi Aluminum works closely with your interior designer, architect, builder and/or you, the home or business owner to achieve the perfect look while maintaining or exceeding all code and safety requirements.

Aluminum stair railing is very flexible and adaptable to all styles of stairways, design requirements, colours and code requirements. We offer many different types of stair railing designs to accommodate various stair configurations. The following are some common types of stairways and stair railings:

  • Enclosed stairways have walls on each side without turns. Typically this requires a stair rail mounted on each wall; sometimes just on one wall depending on local building code.
  • One side open stairways typically have a full body stair rail on one side and can include a stair railing on the opposite side.
  • Open design stairways have neither a wall or riser and are completely open. These require a stair rail mounted on each side of the stairway.
  • Wrap-around stairs may have a landing in between flights of stairs and can have stair rails on one or both sides depending on the building code.

Whatever your architectural, design and building code requirements, we can accommodate your aluminum stair railing needs.