Metal Handrails

Metal Handrails, Vancouver, Surrey

Kalsi Aluminum get many requests to build custom metal handrails from homeowners, residential builders and commercial companies.

A handrail is generally required if there are four or more stairs. Commercial and residential codes are different from there.

Typically, the commercial building code requires that the handrail extend a foot beyond both the top and bottom landing of the stairs. The handrail should continue it’s slope with the stairs in relation to the bottom stair. At the top of the stair landing the handrail should bend and level out so as to parallel the top landing. Both top and bottom handrail should extend at least a foot.

If there is a drop off the side of the stair at any point that is thirty inches or more, a guardrail is best and can be required. Commercial building code dictates that guardrail should be forty two inches minimum. The guardrails should also be fixed so that a four inch sphere can not pass through any part of the guardrail. This safety rule prevents kids from putting their heads through the guardrail and getting stuck. Residential guardrail is typically a thirty six inch minimum.

The first step in designing and building a handrail is to measure the rise and run of the stairs. This will give you the slope of the stairway. Kalsi usually measures the front of the bottom tread and the front of the very last tread, or landing of the top. That is a starting point for where the bends on the handrails will be located. We use that as a pattern to shape the metal handrail.

It is very important to consider the architecture of the house or building when constructing a metal handrail. Square handrail has a nice look, but often the building code likes round handrail because it is easier to grab. Code also specifies that handrail should be at least an inch and a quarter in diameter with a maximum of two and a quarter. The height should also be between thirty four and thirty eight inches.

Whatever your architectural, design and building code requirements, we can accommodate your metal handrail needs.